My Hi-Fi Story

Please note, the following is likely to cause drowsiness!!!

Having played the trumpet for over 45 years and taught it for more than 35, music has always been an important part of my life and, unlike many of my colleagues, I have always made time to listen as well as perform.

My hi-fi journey started when I saved a few shillings (actually it wasn’t quite that long ago!) from my first holiday job and bought a Sony cassette deck and half-decent headphones – hardly audiophile stuff but a big step forward from my previous Waltham radio-cassette player! Then, once I started work proper I bought my first hf-fi separates which consisted of an RP3 turntable, NAC 42 NAP110 and a pair of B&W DM14 speakers – a dramatic improvement.

This setup saw two upgrades; the first to an LP12 with basic arm in the mid 80s and the second, more extensive, to an Ittok arm, 32.5, 140 and Linn Kabers in the early nineties.

And that was how things stayed and enjoyed for many years until I got divorced, moved into a small flat and stored it all away for about 7 years.

I now find myself in the fortunate position of having both wife number 2 and a small room that is entirely for my use. So, a couple of years ago I resurrected the hi-fi and got the amps serviced. The LP12 was not in a good state so I decided to try streaming and bought a Unitiqute. Well that was the start, and the bug had well and truly bit. To cut a long story short thanks to James the Qute was soon replaced with an ND5XS, the pre with an 82 and the power with a 200 (via 160) I also added a high-cap – first a CB but now a DR – and replaced the Kabers with Alaes. Oh and James also brought my LP12 back to life. 

This system is in a different league to that circa 80s/90s and great to listen to – which I do most days. I do feel there are still issues to be addressed though - I mainly listen to classical music and often find loud orchestral tuttis harsh and muddled, particularly the upper brass. But that is a project for the future when my bank balance has recovered somewhat!


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    Thanks Hugh, please pop in next time your are up our way and we can talk through some ideas. />

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